Thursday, 23 August 2007

Extracts from Henrik Beer's biodata in 1960

From the League of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (LORCS) Monthly News and Report vol. II no. 10 October 1960

Henrik Beer was 44 years old in 1960, married with three children.
Graduate of Stockholm University with a BA and an MA in political science.
Started his association with the Red Cross as a consultant to the Swedish Red Cross in 1944.
Secretary General of Swedish Red Cross 1947 to 1960
Responsible for organising the 17th International Red Cross Conferennce in Stockholm in 1948.
On mission in Vienna in November 1956 to plan and prepare the League's relief operation re: Hungarian refugees in Austria
Directed the League's first International Study Centre, in Geneva from June 10-20, 1960, for leaders of National Societies in the Near East, North Africa and Africa.
Secretary General of the League from October 1960 to November 1981 (Note: he was elected to the position of Secretary General by a vote of the National Society delegates to the 1959 Board of Governors meeting - the delegates had a choice of two candidates to vote for).

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Danni Andersson said...

Fun fact. He had a child with another woman before he got married. He had four children in total, 3 with his second wife and 1 with his first. The first marriage lasted only 6 months. If this was chosen not to be noted in this text that's your choice.