Saturday, 20 July 2013

Reflection on Henrik Beer by Ramesh Kumar Sharma, Nepal

Here is a note I got from Ramesh Kumar Sharma last year, which I forgot to post on my blog. It is copoied below.

Henrik Beer      

Dear Bob,
                     I hope  you this this finds you in good spirit and energetic mood.

                     I met Henrik Beer first time in 1966 in Kathmandu. The date was 22nd March.

                     The next time he was specially requested to come to solve the Emblem issue.The Queen wanted special emblem for Nepal Red Cross which he amicably and convincingly settled with the Palace. The date was 15 Feb i981.

                     I met him again in 1981 in Manila during International
Conference when he was retiring. He was very dynamic person.

                     I am coming to Geneva  in November we may have chance
to meet during Gen Assemly.

                    Please do not forget to give small write up.


Ramesh Kumar Sharma

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