Monday, 3 September 2007

Henrik Beer in North Vietnam, May 1969

(Henrik Beer visited Hanoi in May 1969, League Secreatary General was welcomed by Dr. Vu Dinh Tung, President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam Red Cross)
"The league delegation fullfilled two tasks: coordinating the arrival of supplies and medical personnel from donor societies, and working with the Red Cross in South Vietnam to develop its operational capacity. Over 200 milk stations were established for young children, and substantial quantities of rice, fish and clothing distributed to the civilian population. In addition, a brand new centre for amputees was opened in Saigon, with the support of the American, British, French and the Netherlands National Socities. In May 1969, Henrik Beer was invited to North Vietnam-the first visit by a senior official of the League-and saw the National Society's extensive shopping list-medicaments, blankets, first aid kits, vehicles, administrative supplies-which was then circulated to potential donors. Stressing that both Vietnam societies were members of the League, he said that the secretariat's job was 'to accelerate their development' and he predicted that there would be 'greater scope for Red Cross action during the post-war period'."-(Beyond Conflict The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, 1919-1994-Daphne A. Reid, Patrick F. Gilbo)

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