Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The term "NGO" - Henrik Beer, advisor to UNEP

"Henrik Beer, advisor to UNEP Executive Director on NGOs has stated that : 'There is no NGO community as such. The NGO world is composed of-many different elements - some are purely technically NGOs - they are composed of communities, for instance, or specific parts of the community, and are therefore more governmental than non-governmental. Others are specialist, scientific or professional organisations, others major popular organisations of different kinds with the environmental issue as a side line. One should therefore beware of speaking of NGOs' opinions, NGOs' possibilities as unified factors, they are as varied as humanity itself '. Some organisations of great relevance to UNEP's work find the description difficult to understand, especially as applying to them. Some social scientists have arrived at a consensus as to what is meant by NGO. It is :
1) privately (rather than publicly) established
2) not-for-profit,
3) voluntary membership participation."

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