Sunday, 14 March 2010

Ami Weyand Alm . Secretary to Henrik Beer

Ami Weyand Alm was a wonderful colleague who I first met in 1975 when I commenced working at the League of Red Cross Societies secretariat in Geneva.

Ami was secretary to Henrik Beer up until his retirement and she did an outstanding job. I have so many warm memories of having summer BBQs at Ami and Jurgen's house in Geneva, rather wild parties in the days when George Weber and I were young desk officers, and working with Ami when Henrik Beer required briefing papers.

Here is a delightful account of Ami's funeral from Monica Pejovic. Thank you Monica.

Sun, 24 Jan 2010

Dear everyone, Thank you for your warm and beautiful words as you remembered Ami. I would like to return your sympathy by giving a short account of the day we bid Ami farewell. As the bells rang out across the snowclad island a big crowd had gathered at Jomala church where a moving service was held. The priest suggesting that the best way to remember Ami was to continue the work she had done for the handicapped, for the cultural life on Åland and I believe for the Red Cross. The temperature had dropped to -15C but the sky was blue without a cloud and the sea lay quiet. Ami's coffin was carried through the snow to the grave by her two sons Emil and Erik,her brother and her cousins. Right next to them walked Jürgen and Ami's mother and family. As flowers were laid down an old nordicpilgrim hymn was sung. At the parish where people gathered afterwards,selected parts of your messages were read out aloud. Family and friends were touched to see that people from so many countries paid tribute to their old colleague and friend. Someone said afterwards: " That moment, when we heard the words from people around the world, was almost religious. Everything went quiet in the room - because all of a sudden everyone understood what an important impression Ami had made on many people. Thank you for lifting the memory of Ami up to the level she deserved." Thank you all! Sincerely, Monica

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