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Jean Pictet - Henrik beer's tribute !

International Review of the Red Cross (1979), 19:115-129 Cambridge University Press
Copyright © International Committee of the Red Cross 1979


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A Tribute to Jean Pictet

Alexandre Hay, a1, Henrik Beer, a2, Jean-Georges Lossier, a3, Professor I. P. Blishchenkoa4, G. I. A. D. Draper, a5, Professor Hamed Sultana6 and Dietrich Schindler, a7

a1 President of the International Committee of the Red Cross
a2 Secretary-General League of Red Cross Societies
a3 Former Editor-in-chief of the International Review of the Red Cross
a4 Doctor of Legal Science, Vice-President of the Soviet Lawyers' Association, Secretary to the Association of Democratic Lawyers
a5 Professor in the University of Sussex
a6 Member of the Institut d'Egypte, Honorary President of the Egyptian Society of International Law.
a7 Professor at the Faculty of Law University of Zurich
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hay a
beer h
lossier j
blishchenko ip
draper gi
sultan h
schindler d

On 30 June 1979, Mr. Jean Pictet will reach retirement age after forty-two years of service with the ICRC.

He joined the ICRC in 1937 and has had a very full career. He is a thinker, a jurist, a writer, a teacher and at the same time a man of action, who took part in all major Red Cross undertakings; he is the inspirer and the mentor of the Red Cross.


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